Why Tell Stories in Movies?


Why Tell Stories in Movies?

Movies, also known as a movie trailer, moving picture or short video, is a creative work of cinematographic art, usually intended for solo viewing by the viewer. Movie trailers introduce movies to the audience. The term “moviet” is an alternative term for the title of any short film. Movies are designed to entertain and teach. Movies are the best medium to convey a message.

Movies are often made for different types of audiences like children, teenagers, adults. A number of movies are based on books/real life events such as super hero movies, biopic, fantasy, horror, thriller, science fiction, fantasy, horror, comedy and war movies. Movies that tell a story from beginning to end, including some that are real life events are classified as animated movies.

Many big name Hollywood movie studios produce and finance most of the movies released theatrically and via video on demand to both domestic viewers and international viewers. Major Hollywood producers and directors to produce most of the movies. Most movies are produced in the United States, with the exception of Hollywood movies directed by or starring foreign actors and actresses. Some movies are produced in other countries but are produced and financed in the United States.

Movies are made to satisfy two primary purposes. First, movies are made to entertain and tell stories for the entertainment of the audience. Second, movies are made to make a profit for the studio, director, and various aspects of the production. Profiting is the goal of Hollywood producers and Hollywood studios. There are two types of movie theaters in the United States. Most major movie theaters contain between one and three screens; some screen locations can house four or more screens.

Eventful entertainment is another purpose for which movies are made. Movie theatres host a wide variety of events every week and each event can have a unique slate of films. For example, a single film may be featured during a week long slate of movies for two weeks. During this period the movie theater will rotate several blockbusters in hopes of drawing in repeat business. Most eventful experiences include onsite vendors and food services. Movie theaters will sometimes host silent film screenings to accommodate an interested audience that would prefer not to be disturbed by the sound of a loud bang.

Most movies today tell stories that entertain while telling action movies at the same time. Action movies are movies that tell complex stories of combat, chasing, fighting, and many other exciting elements of action. Action movies often tell multiple stories at a time, which only increases the number of events and characters involved in a given conflict. Eventful experiences include experiencing art films, concerts, comedy plays, musicals, documentaries, and other theatrical presentations. Movie theaters continue to prove that a good film can be both entertaining and informative at the same time.