Types of TV Shows

TV Shows

Types of TV Shows

In a wider context, TV shows are just generally classified into either unscripted or scripted, but did you ever realize that there are in fact over 50 different kinds of television genres altogether? Look at all the different kinds of TV shows, which are rolled out each and every year. Some of these may be familiar to you while others might not. But with the invention of the internet, this is no longer an issue. You can literally search for TV shows everywhere just by using the internet and it is no big deal finding what you are looking for. Here are some of the more popular kinds of TV genres.

The most popular type of TV show is the historical drama. This kind of drama mainly focuses on the past events and the rise and fall of powerful empires. This kind of TV show usually follows a historical figure, who rose to power and then falls from grace sometime in the past, leaving behind a shadow of intrigue and mystery. Most of the time, historical dramas are set in modern times, as almost all the popular movies nowadays are based on historical events.

Another very popular type of TV show which is being watched by millions of people worldwide is the reality tv show. Reality tv shows usually get their names from the reality that they are showcasing; that is, the competitions which the contestants have to win in order to progress to the next level and get the prize money. The reality tv shows which get their names from reality are so popular because they tend to provide a lot of entertainment and fun to the audience. They also make great opportunities for the TV hosts and the celebrities to come up with their best and funny personal gimmicks and acts in order to entertain the audience even more. Some examples of famous reality tv shows are Survivor, The Apprentice, The Amazing Race and The Voice, among many others.

On-demand or streaming TV show are another type of TV shows, which are very popular nowadays. They are similar to pay per view TV shows but their viewership is generally lower. This is because their popularity is not sustained like that of the pay per view TV show. They were initially introduced on-demand by cable companies to attract a specific niche market of customers, but later were expanded into other regions by the cable companies.

Most TV series of shows which are on-demand get their start as short lived TV programs, before they get picked up into different syndication channels. In some cases, these short lived TV shows get turned into full length feature films. One of the most popular examples of this is the movie The Thin Red Line, which was first aired on Al Jazeera America as a short lived drama. After that, it went on to become a major motion picture in the United States and other western countries.

The last category, we will look at is historical drama. This is one of the widest categories of all TV Shows. Historical TV Shows are similar to soap operas in that they are dramas that depict a historical period. They can be dramas set during the reign of Queen Victoria through to World War II. They can even be dramas set during historical periods before these events happened.