Types of TV Shows

TV Shows

Types of TV Shows

Did you know that TV shows are classified according to themes as well as plotlines? Although technological advances revolutionized this device, the incredible popularity of television could not have been realized had it not been for the amazing entertainment it offers to audiences of all ages. From a broad perspective, TV shows can either be classified as unscripted or scripted, but did you also know that there are in fact over 50 different types of TV genres as well? The following article will introduce you to some of these popular genres.

First and foremost, the category of factual television show pertains to those that focus on presenting information as regards the actual history and situations. For example, historical drama depicts events that happened long ago in a manner that is as true as possible. It involves a story told using facts as well as using creative means to make the events unbelievable. Examples of the aforementioned genre include the likes of Rome, Gladiator, Law and Order, and The X-Files. In the comedy-drama category, you’ll find everything from romantic comedies to workplace comedy, long-running soap operas, and even cartoons.

Next are the dramas that are based on historical fact. As the name implies, these are the type of shows that tell stories about real historical figures or events. Some examples of these are The Great Railway System, ceivable, Rome, Heroes, and many others. Historical dramas usually deal with the period that was just before something major happened in the world, such as the World War II or the downfall of the Roman Empire. Examples of these are Into the Good Life, Man on the Moon, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and numerous others.

Lastly, there are the most popular genres among the multitude of categories of factual tv shows. This includes the reality-based type of shows, like the ones that tell stories of living under one roof with family and friends for several months. These can either be family situations that happen around the house or they could even be complete opposites of it. For the more humorous types, there are some that tell funny stories about everyday people. Examples of this are The Bachelor, American Idol, Saturday Night Live, and Top Gear.

When it comes to categorizing TV Shows, it seems that the writers and producers tend to stick to the tried and true. However, the truth is that there is always room for creativity and innovation. After all, there are a lot of ways to create a television series that will entertain millions of viewers. It only requires finding the right genre for your project, an incredible cast, a great director, and the perfect theme song to draw you all the way through the episode!

There are countless genres of TV Shows out there, and every one has its own specific target audience. However, if you want to make sure that your story reaches an extremely wide audience, it’s highly recommended that you choose the correct genre that fits your preferred TV show. In fact, you could even write your own TV Show if you have the writing talent and the passion to turn your ideas into a successful play or story. In fact, many successful television actors and actresses started their careers as writers, producers, and directors, and they know first-hand how important the genre of your choice plays in determining the success of any story.