The Best of Funny TV Shows

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The Best of Funny TV Shows

When it comes to television, there is nothing quite like a good show. Perhaps it is the suspense, the drama, or perhaps it is the fact that it is one we watch and hope will never end. No matter how long we have been addicted to television, there are some shows that seem to always get our seal of approval when it comes to rating them. The 50 Best TV Shows of All Time makes this list because they truly deserve the rank.

We all love television shows with characters that seem to be perfect for their surroundings and circumstances. There are a number of different television shows that fit this bill, and perhaps my favorite of all time would have to be the Sopranos. Yes, I am a fan of the show, which started in the 1990s. What started out as a small independent production has blossomed into one of the most popular and longest running television shows in history. It truly deserves the top spot due to the fact that it changed television by providing a humanized view of the criminal element of our society.

Another great show that ranks high on the best TV shows list is Friends. This was a show that evolved from the many different formats that were used in the early days of television. While the format is often referred to as the “Friends” formula, what can really be called the formula is a unique blend of funny, charming, romantic, and even romantic moments throughout the seasons of the show.

One other great entry into the comedy television series family is The Simpsons. For a show that started off as a short 30-minute animated series on Fox Network, The Simpsons has developed into one of the most popular and most successful comedy television programs of all time. The writers of the show have used clever meta-writing techniques to present viewers with multiple view points for each episode. In fact, some of the episodes have been hailed as some of the best television comedy programs of all time.

anthology series and spinoffs are also popular in the comedy television shows category. An example of this type of television program is Everybody Loves Raymond. This spinoff series was created in response to the lack of Asian American or Latino people on popular television shows at the time. The whole premise behind this television show was to provide a solution for the racism and stereotypical thinking that existed about the Asian people and to give an alternative viewpoint to the viewer.

Of course, there are many other examples of comedy television series that have been produced over the years. From teenage soap operas to long-running sitcoms, there are countless examples of funny TV that you and your favorite actors and actresses would probably like to watch. Some of these programs might be on your cable television station or you may be able to order them via the Internet. Whatever the case, these shows are among the best in the business and I would recommend that if you ever have the opportunity to watch one of your favorite shows, you absolutely should.