Tell Stories With Movies

Movies, also known as video images, are a compilation of films or television shows and other media developed for various communication purposes. A movie, also known as a short video, mini Movie, animation or viral movie, is an artistic work of visual art intended to simulate experiences that communicate emotions, stories, perceptions, beauty, or the environment through the use of moving pictures. Movies are categorized according to the plot, format, character, style, or language into four types. These are comedy, fantasy, horror, and sci-fi.


Comedy movies often tell stories with a happy ending while action movies often tell stories with a gritty and realistic resolution. Fantasy movies are movies aimed at the fun-loving group. Horror movies are scary movies that involve ghosts, monsters and other supernatural creatures. Sci-fi movies are movies based on science and technology fiction and tell stories that are not based on any known reality.

All genres of movies have their own unique style of telling stories. Action movies often involve gun fights, explosions and other shooting affairs. Comedy movies tell stories with humorous characters such as a family which consists of a father, mother, and their child who live in a peaceful neighborhood but have bad elements in it such as a war between the neighborhood. Fantasy movies are movies aimed at the children who watch them and are full of special effects, colors, music and other aspects of entertainment aimed at children.

A major component of the story of every movie is the special effects used in the movie. Special effects enhance the image and quality of pictures to such an extent that some people feel the movies are even more entertaining than the real events they depict. However, some special effects are harmful to health and have detrimental effects on the viewers. The effects of some movies on the health of viewers can cause physical problems such as headaches, nausea, sleep disorders, etc.

Movies are targeted at various age groups for the better understanding of the story. However, the special effects used in movies are so great that the movie becomes all the more interesting to watch. It is always better to avoid lying about the plot in movies. This will not only affect the audience badly but will also spoil the effect of the movie completely. Before going to a cinema to watch a movie make sure to make sure what are the movie ratings for the movie you are planning to watch.

Movies can be based on history and facts or can be based on fictional stories to tell stories which are based on the real world. Some movies tell stories which are based on history while some movies tell stories which are based on facts and are totally a fiction. Movies can be made by the best Hollywood producers and directors or can be made by the best director and producers of the entire world. These days a lot of multi-national companies are producing movies based on computer graphics which are very interesting.