Is Weight Loss Watching TV Show Or a Real Life Person?

TV Shows

Is Weight Loss Watching TV Show Or a Real Life Person?

All TV Shows should be carefully scrutinized for their message and the entertainment value. If a TV Show is filled with messages, it will not be of much use to anybody. Take the word of the advertisers that they advertise on TV. You will find it very hard to believe them if you are guided by TV Shows that give no information about the advertisers’ product. If a TV Show like Oprah is talking about some new diet pills that have phenomenal results, while all the advertisements of the other diet pills hardly give any idea about the quality of the product, this is surely a reflection of the lack of information on the product.

The message on the screen of the TV show should also not be highly propagandist in its approach. The TV Show should be such that it does not promote the advertisers’ brand at any cost. In short the opinion of the viewers should matter more than the advertiser’s message. Take the example of the popular TV shows like Oprah, Date Show and 60 Minutes. All these shows would always suggest exercise as the cure to every problem.

It is not wrong to say that the information on these shows may be true to some extent. But, the content of these TV Shows should never claim that all the problems can be solved by doing regular exercises. All these TV Shows do is exaggerate the importance of exercise and trivialize the value of good food. Suppose you watch a TV Show that emphasizes the value of fruits in solving various health problems. You may well ask, “So, what is the point of mentioning fruits as the cure to all the diseases?”

Here is another example. The show called America’s Next Top Model was recently aired. What did the show do? It advertised the products of some of the biggest beauty products. Hence, the message of the show was that if you want beautiful, flawless skin, you should use this beauty product.

Such TV Shows have to cater to a large audience. Hence, they tend to give more information than required. Some of the TV Shows that you have watched, have suggested weight loss as the cure for almost all ills. But, the information is a little excessive. More people should go for low-fat diets like the Atkins Diet as it has shown great results.

Another feature of this TV Shows is that they tend to glamorize a person at the cost of his/her expertise. For example, there were a few TV Shows which gave prominence to personal trainers and other big names in the field. This is not at all advisable. A Personal Trainer will always be respected when he is presented in such a TV Show. In fact, you should only see a Personal Trainer if you really need one!