Is the End for Hollywood?

Movies, also known as motion pictures, video or short film, is a form of visual entertainment usually made for entertainment purposes. Movie plots include characters, plot lines, story lines, dialogue and music. Most movies are produced by large multimedia companies such as Walt Disney studios, Pixar or Dreamworks.


Movies are popular worldwide and are widely distributed through multiplexes and DVD stores. The increasing popularity of the movies has given rise to multiplexes, or multiple movie houses, in many cities, especially those with good locations that offer the required settings for films. Several new names have come up in the last few years, owing to this increased popularity of cinema. Focus is mainly on adventure, science fiction, horror films, and comedy and dramas. In fact, action movies are enjoying huge popularity around the world.

Many people, especially among the younger generation, consider movies to be the best form of entertainment, even more so than live concerts and theatre attendance. Several films have earned millions of dollars, making them the most profitable of all movies. Some of the most profitable of these are Star Wars, Gladiator, Jurassic Park and Harry Potter.

The major Hollywood and European film and TV industry produce at least seventy to eighty films per year and enjoy robust revenues and high ticket sales. However, the major profit generators in the film industry are the Special effects and animation departments. These departments create the outstanding visual effects in films and are responsible for making these films an entertainment hit. The advancement in technology has enabled the studios to make full use of this department and produce high quality films that are appealing and successful in their quest of making money. The use of computer animation has improved the quality of motion pictures and has made the audience experience a true awe and a fascination with the films.

As a result of this advancement in technology, the movie theaters have become crowded and the cost of watching films has increased significantly. The recent box office hit by the Harry Potter film franchise has shown the worsening condition of the American film industry and the picture industry in general. The failure of the Harry Potter franchise has also been a wake up call to the American film industry and has prompted the creation of new films that will reinvigorate the American film industry and provide consumers with a higher quality of films. This will be good news to the film industry that is already enjoying higher revenues as a result of the Harry Potter and the Twilight series.

The American film industry also relies on foreign films to increase their revenues as well. Films from countries such as India, Brazil, Germany, Russia, France, Spain and Australia are increasing their popularity in the international movie theaters. These countries are providing audiences with a different view of Hollywood and are thereby creating demand for more movies from these countries. As a result of this trend, the budgets for Hollywood movies are also increasing and it is predicted that in the next few years, Hollywood may no longer depend on Hollywood franchises to make their money.