Importance Of Music


Importance Of Music

Music is the process of arranging musical sounds in particular time intervals to create a composition over the basic components of rhythm, melody, harmony, and timbre. Music has been an important part of any culture since the dawn of recorded communication. It is one of those universal cultural aspects of human civilizations that is easily lost. Yet music continues to be a major influence on the way we live our lives.

A.D. India is often credited with being the birthplace of music. The Brahmins who lived in the royal society of India had a large role in the evolution of music as we know it today. The use of musical instruments became essential for the social ceremonies of the day. From being used mainly for festivities, music gradually took on a greater value as the people learned to play the various instruments beautifully and in time developed their own style. The use of this new medium was greatly appreciated by the rulers of India and was even considered as a measure of political power.

Although it is generally accepted that the use of music developed out of necessity rather than aesthetic reasons, the reverse was also true. Many of the ancient Indian poems and epics speak of divinely inspired music. This conception of music as a divinely inspired art evolved into the concept of ‘religion’ in the Indian societies. Music was seen as a significant aspect of religious rituals and devotions which took place in temples and during the day.

Music is now considered to be a very important tool in therapy and rehabilitation. Most musicologists today agree that music therapy has benefited a great deal of patients who have been injured or handicapped due to accidents, strokes, or disease. In fact, music has been instrumental in helping the disabled enjoy life despite their disability. Music has also been used as a healing system by some musicians. This has been noted in cases where musicians were specially trained to help treat deaf patients.

Music has a very strong emotional element as well. Even if we are not aware of it consciously, we tend to experience happiness, sadness, and excitement in our lives according to the kind of music we listen to. Music can be soothing and energizing or sad and depressing. These feelings can be brought about by the tones and beats in a particular kind of music. Certain types of music help us to cope with traumatic events better.

Music is a valuable commodity that is enjoyed by many people of all ages across the globe. The influence of music is huge and its importance is growing day by day. One can never wonder how far music has evolved since the time of the Vedas. Today, you can hear the sounds of drums, cymbals, trumpets, and many other musical instruments as part of a concert performance. Musicians from all over the world use music in their artistic expressions.