Different Types of Music and the Instruments That Perform Them

Music is an art of arrangement of sounds in harmony to create a song through the components of rhythm, melody, unity, and tone. It is certainly one of the more universal artistic aspects of all human cultures. It can be found in the soul of every culture, as well as being the backbone of Western music. The word “music” itself originally referred only to musical instruments and the process by which they are played, but it has come to mean more than that today.


Many different musical instruments and processes are used in the creation of music. Commonly, musical notation refers to a system of markings that gives the composer or performer a basic idea of how to sequence and arrange sounds so that they may be played in a way that is typical of the style of the music. This can include things like notes, keys, octaves, scales, and forms.

The oldest known musical instrument is the flute, which was discovered in the tomb of a medieval monk in the twelfth century. Another type of flute was made during the Middle Ages by a monk called Baldus, who was given a flute from a fisherman. He used it to play a church organ. Some believe he may have been the first music master.

Jazz is the broad category of music that includes blues, gospel, folk, Spanish, fusion, urban, rock n roll, and many others. There are two major genres of jazz: American and European. The European style of jazz is characterized by simple beats and smooth sounds. The main instruments used in this form of music is the piano, saxophone, electric guitar, drums, and other common musical instruments. The earliest known example of a live version of a jive tune was recorded on a gramophone in 1945.

Music for radio commercials was created by the Canadian band JJJ on their hit song “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles”. JJJ also performed with The Doobie Brothers. This type of music often consists of two or more musical instruments played at the same time. For example, the beat is created on the guitar then the rhythm is played on the percussions of the brass instrument. Music for radio commercials can be very catchy and popular as the use of popular music often grabs the listener’s attention. It can give you a certain feeling like you’re at a party or dance.

A major consideration in music is whether the sounds of an instrument should be separated from the music without making it unrecognizable. This is called timbre. Timbre is the quality of the sound produced by each of the individual instruments. If an instrument has a rich timbre it has a rich quality sound. For instance, brass is a strong and clear timbre while steel has a tinny timbre.